Brilliantly outstanding quotes#Random

24 Mar 2017

Here I am assembling truly outstanding quotes, each of which I would place on a tattoo on my body or on the inner side of my favorite signet - so truthful and omnipresent in my life they are... Read on...

Кто такие интеллигенты? (РЕПОСТ)#Random

15 Dec 2015

Делаю репост этой статьи у себя на сайте с целью сохранить эту информацию, которую я нахожу жутко познавательной. Однако все кредиты идут к Любовь (Любви?) Давыдовой и golbis.com. Ссылка на оригинал приводится в конце статьи. Итак, кто же такие интеллигенты? Read on...

Google's marketing in action#Random

10 Apr 2015

Marketing is huge. It's especially huge for the giants like Google. Marketing is so omnipresent, that it targets you even when you don't expect it. Arguably, for such a company the internal marketing might even be more important than the external one. By internal marketing I mean the process of "selling" the employer to its own employees. It is important because retaining the talented and highly skilled workers is a big issue in Silicone Valley. Read on...